Kecskemet Animation Film Festival (KAFF) is two festivals in parallel: the festival of Hungarian animation films and the international festival of European animation cinema and television feature films.

KAFF is organised by an animation studio, Kecskemétfilm Ltd. We organised the first animation film review twenty years ago, in 1985. In the start this film review was only for Hungarian films with one or two foreign programmes.

In 1996, prior to the organisation of the 4th KAFF, the organisational council decided to include European animated films not only in the informational programme, but also in the competition.

Until 2005 KAFF was organised every three years. We reported it at the last festival that for an easier harmonisation to the international festival calendars and for an easier organisation we thought it would be better to hold KAFF bi-annually rather then tri-annually.

So the 8th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival and the 5th International Animation Feature Film Festival will be organised between 20 and 24 June 2007.

In addition to the film screenings musical and theatrical shows, exhibitions and professional discussions will take place in our town. Kecskemét is a small town with a hundred thousand inhabitants, with several arts workshops and with a lively cultural life, 80 km south of Budapest.

The Festival invites all the directors of the competitive session and a lot of professionals from Hungary and the world.

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